New Garnis Lab publication!

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Li G, van Niekerk D, Miller D, Ehlen T, Garnis C, Follen M, Guillaud M, Macaulay C. Molecular fixative enables expression microarray analysis of microdissected clinical cervical specimens. Exp Mol Pathol, in press.

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Recognition from the UBC Department of Surgery (2013 Hjalmar Johnson New Investigator Award)

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We would like to express our sincere thanks to the UBC Department of Surgery for its recognition of the work done by the Garnis lab. It is an honour for Dr. Garnis to receive the 2013 Hjalmar Johnson New Investigator Award.

(Dr. Garnis accepting the award from Dr. John Kestle, Head of UBC Surgery, at the WB and MH Chung Research Day dinner [Oct 2013]).

Dr. Garnis wishes to acknowledge her excellent lab team and her collaborators from the UBC Division of Otolaryngology, the BC Cancer Research Centre, and at other centres located in Vancouver and around the world. The following clip was prepared in conjunction with this award to showcase the research focus of the Garnis lab:

Garnis Lab Graduate Student: James Lawson

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James Lawson has joined the Garnis Lab as an MSc student. He previously worked with the Garnis lab as a summer student and we are very excited to have him in the fold. We will have an update describing his research focus soon. Glad to have you working in the lab James!

Congratulations Jamil!

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Belated congratulations to Jamil Manji, who recently completed the successful defense of his MSc thesis (entitled “CYTOKINE MARKERS AS PREDICTIVE TOOLS IN THE TREATMENT OF CHRONIC RHINOSINUSITIS WITH LEPTOSPERMUM HONEY”). Excellent work and we are very pleased to continue to be able to work with you going forward!

Congratulations Sara!

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Belated congratulations to Sara MacLellan for the successful defense of her MSc thesis entitled “Circulating microRNAs as biomarkers for early cancer detection”, a copy of which can be found here. Great work and we are looking forward to continued contributions to the lab in the future!

New Garnis Lab Publication!

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Towle R, Truong D, Hogg K, Robinson WP, Poh CF, Garnis C (2013) Global analysis of DNA methylation changes during progression of oral cancer, Oral Oncology, in press.

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Garnis Lab Graduate Student: Chris Dickman

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Chris joined the lab last year as a PhD student. He is interested in basic and translational research pertaining to oral cancer. Despite being one of the most commonly occurring cancer types in Canada, the survival rate for this disease has shown little improvement for several years.

Early detection is critical for improving long-term outcomes for oral cancer Chris’ work focuses on examining exosomes, small vesicles secreted by most cell types that contain protein and RNA and can be used in inter-cellular communication. MicroRNAs are a common molecule packaged into and excluded from cells by exosomes. Interestingly, cancer cells are known to secrete different microRNAs via exosomes than healthy cells. This means that microRNA expression profiles obtained from exosomes may be useful for delineating different disease states for oral cancer and other cancer types. As it emerges that exosomes play a key role in driving malignant processes, these small molecules may also be attractive as targets for novel drugs that could improve patient outcomes.

Chris is currently resolving differences in microRNA expression signatures in exosomes depending on healthy, precancerous, and cancerous states. He is undertaking this work for both patient samples and in cell model systems. His interesting findings are already the subject of multiple presentations and we are excited to see what he discovers moving forward.

Welcome Chris!